Friday, January 18, 2008

Mons Veneris

The line of
your cheek
is a melody
                     only heard
                     by infants
                     who dream it
                     so beautifully
                     they weep
                     upon waking.

I sway
The inner ear
loses itself between
dream and dream.
                              My hands 
                              bank on 
                              pliant shores,
                              the small
                              of your back.

Into spines
Gods pipe tunes 
inciting bodies
like stars
to collide 
and burst.


Anonymous said...

Why doesnt anyone ever comment on your poetry, Kal?

Anatole David said...

I guess they think it sucks.

Anonymous said...

They'd post if they thought it sucked. They're overwhelmed.

Beysshoes said...

I adore this piece David. A single change would fit better: as a line of cheek does not invoke melody ... I'd go with 'curve of cheek'. Dulces plumas. xox Sarai