Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Deum rerum coaxant

The part of Joan of Arc will be played by
the Archbishop Clinamen

Herein lies an Oration upon Ethernity and the Surface of God

Dearest Boneless and Economical,

May the toad that shits the sun diurnally burp cloacal night.
Wizened crabs click their fore-claws in accompaniment to
protect me from the rage of the Creator.
Corpus Nefas:
Ethernity is the endlessness of air. Those who experience breathlessness
feel free to pace in order to stave off hyperventilation.
In air we fall. Lightless and without solidity Ethernity is a giddiness, an ethical tumble
like the mines my mother warned me were bottomless and went to hell.
Ethernity is the loss of body and the life of endless breath.
Mitred and Azure:
I am granted the right of speaking of God's surface as Von Humboldt wrote of bizarre
Circassian She-Goats that pissed blue streaks in mountain snows because of my splendid
surplice. My eyes are blue as heaven. I see a Horse's head in the sun.
God is metallic. Cool and shear so that reptiles cannot cling to him. Daily, like a drain,
souls flow from His truncated vents......And souls that pass, the good ones, are taken back to
resuscitate Ethernity in the Grand Ball Room of Auric Aspiration. There He is malleable and
soft. Yes, Gold. And as Gold, inside, he exudes warmth, akin to the warm breath of lovers.
In closing I would like to exclaim:


In God's tongue there is no H.

Herein we laugh,
forgetting space.


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