Friday, September 21, 2007


"The sphere of the notion is similar to the bottom of the sea."

------Le Paysan de Paris, Louis Aragon.

I would ask you to step back politely before a perusal. Let the
water miraculously cascade down the white porcelain. White and
shiney as paradise should be..A Hidden God in the wall performs the
trick. The Blue Lozenge at the bottom dispenses a scent of jasmine.
And, yes, the blue of the lozenge is not accidental.
Behold the color of Heaven.

Would that one had such an inner plumbing in the head. A fine mind
steps back and lets the water take the piss of this world and flushes it
down as the Lethe of pleasant fragrance rises, the porcelain's shine
a bright smile.
In realms under the Earth, where the dead rest, the waste is taken.
Forgotten, as we contemplate the blue of heaven.

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