Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fragments of a Synaptical Storm

Show me desire and I'll have no reason to live.

-------a Stoic's fall into Cynicism Ca. 320 A.D. , Mediolanum.

1. State the most trivial things as Metaphysical First Principles.

2. Never succumb to the temptation of understanding.

3. Treat time as it treats you. Waste it until it wastes you.

4. Rest is the rarest, therefore the greatest, activity. (Olympian)

5. Refuse to believe in the accidental. You'll be a High Priest soon.

6. Curse wisdom and laugh with the little girls.

7. Defend Cannibalism on the grounds that all animals eat each other too.

8. Treat the truth with levity and broadcast lies with total faith.
You'll be a Messiah or Mahdi.

9. When the wars end nobody will ever sing again.

10. Crying makes me feel like a helpless Monkey.

11. Love is sympathetic magic. Sympathy is not magic.

12. Syllogisms, oh dear!, should never be made. It is a Logical
Minotaur maker.

13. My apologies to Hegel or any other uninvited piners.

14. Empire is so Outdated. I do miss the forthright haughtiness of Imperators.

15. Of all the Disciples Judas is my favorite. He was the Midwife of Infinite Grace.

16. Every time I write Midwife I think of Socrates and Plato.

17. I love my parents too much to be a Christian. I am with Tacitus.

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