Sunday, April 15, 2007

Caves, Skies, and Hollowness

Measure is the man in all things. There is a robust love in insulting another. The effort in critique implies an interest beyond immediacy. I explain this to my love. She refuses to understand. A blank stare tells me more than all of Horatio's Philosophy. A being that kills something inside her once a month has no right to plea "feelings". She bleeds eggs out more than slash and burn farmers rotate crops. Alas, it's murder for the Egg without my seed. Misogyny is merely man's revenge for the guilt felt for the egg we, each man, fail to fertilize. Menses is man's blood guilt. It moves us. So we hide in caves or scan the stars to evade her wanton eyes and fall into ditches with our heads turned up to the stars. In Latin--Marcus Terrentius Varro, "De Lingua Latina"-- the etymology for cave and sky originate in the word "Hollow". Back to hollow eggs and love best curated in self-criticism.


Beysshoes said...

Para, You've stunned me on this write. Its both provocative and profoundly stirring. The first of, hopefully, many writes to find its way deep into a cellular place. Bravo on a stellar write. Sarai

Beysshoes said...

You know, David, I happen to return to this one. I know why. It's reeling because it's written in your voice; without contrivance or pretense. It's you and I love it. Bey