Thursday, February 04, 2021

Four Mile Road

Our bus cleared the overpass.

Scent of manure fills nostrils 

as gold fields flank the road

far as youthful eyes espy.

                                           Out to Pioneer: a square, sparse structure

                                           of three stories, solid as a Cathedral

                                           without ornament, featuring dully

                                           tiled hallways with water fountains 

                                           made too high for children.

In classrooms a tricolored rag 

hung over a prominent corner 

we pledged ourselves to each morning.

                                            Afterwards, from steel vents     

                                            above baseboards,  (glittering grates radiant as sin)

                                            warm fires of hell

                                            conveyed the quickened breath

                                            of diligent devils to all.

When the heat shut off

everyone, in sacred silence, knew

death's sombre polity was nigh.

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