Thursday, July 07, 2011

Meet Grover Norquist's Latest Pledge

He has previously shown reluctance to raise taxes on the wealthiest, despite rhetoric. Now he is farcically attacking "loopholes" to garner more revenue. Of course the telegraphed response from Republicans is, "if you close loopholes you have to cut overall rates". This is just like the tax plan for Corporate tax evaders. Understand the message: you cannot raise taxes on the wealthiest because any tax burden on them now could hurt the robust job market. After 10 years of record low tax rates on the wealthiest-->high unemployment, go figure? The answer, of course, is less taxes! President Obama will cut Social Security, Medicare and "move to the middle"(further Right) by erasing tax loopholes while lowering overall rates for our plutocratic "job creators".

Grover Norquist is smiling. His latest pledge is sitting in the Oval Office.

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