Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winning the Past, or The New Gilded Age

We are now suffering the wages of Reagan's sins of

debilitating labor value, increased military spending,

and deregulating corporate entities the successive four

Presidents have irresponsibly continued. The American

people have masochistically elected candidates who will

not only continue the sins of Reagan but go further and

usher in the social inequalities of the 19th century.

------------------------Me, 11/03/2010.


The present financial crisis was entirely created by

private financiers. A collapse engineered by investment

banks utilizing collateralized debt securities to create

a leveraged ponzi scheme that resulted in the public

bailing out these bad actors with trillions. Now the debts

come home. Pensions lost billions through buying these

triple A rated CDS "crap". For years the Right has demonized

Labor as a danger to the Market. It continues this bogus

scapegoating when they pin the present debt crisis on them.


People all over the US have uncritically accepted the

idea that Labor Unions are an enemy to "American

Enterprise". Nothing can be further from the truth. It is

an essential part of any Market that Laborers can join

together and form Cartels(Unions) to lobby for better

conditions, rights and pay. The interest of Labor has a

right to be heard. It is interesting to note in the past 30

years, as Labor Unions have been considerably weakened,

wages have remained stagnant or went down and income

inequality is at record levels. When tax burdens are eased

for Corporations and the super wealthy who is asked to

shoulder the burden? The economically disadvantaged

are asked to tighten belts they don't have the luxury of

owning. Scapegoating the poor has been a successful

political strategy for 30 years. If Union busting efforts

in the Midwest are granted success the United States will

descend to Gilded Age squalor.


President Obama's relative silence on this issue is telling.

It's better to shore up Corporate Donors than support Labor.

He's established himself as a lackey for Corporatist and Finance

interests. We're already close to Gilded Age conditions. One
hopes the Union busting effort is defeated and inspires a

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