Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"But something was sliding down like a glacier from the gloomy
Mountains of the Unknown. Small and impetuous avalanches
were forming at the sides, but no one took any notice."

-----Insatiability, Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz.

The present Wiki-Leaks episode is one of a series of turf battles the CIA/NSA is waging against the DOD. The growth of the Pentagon's dominance over intelligence agencies and its many shames(Iraq, etc)during the Dubya years angered a supine CIA/NSA. They are now fighting back. The Defense Department's idea of propaganda is cheerleading(shock and awe) or ignoring(nothing new!)---not very nuanced. Odd there is no honor amongst Imperial Thieves. This dispute is not about principles. It's about power over the huge intelligence apparatus in the US. Amusing they, CIA/NSA, are throwing their friends in the ISI under the bus and nary a mention of the explosion of Opium production and India's meddling. The Pentagon says nothing new and wants to punish those who "endanger soldiers"--Kierkegaard once said this is like idealism losing its "face in concrete conditions". It can only speak with a mushy mouth. Afghanistan will be the rubric under which the CIA/NSA will try to chip away at the overwhelming power of the DOD. The CIA/NSA snickers while the Pentagon blusters out more mush. When the Pentagon handles intelligence it rigs it for more war and defense expenditures. The CIA/NSA is scarcely better but hates the sloppiness of the DOD and rightly views it as counterproductive. We are seeing an internecine intelligence war between a greater and lesser evil here. The best we can hope for is mutual destruction.

Ultima Cumaei uenit iam carminis aetas.....

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