Monday, February 22, 2010

CPACalypse Now: The US Gov't Is What Glenn Beck Used to Be

There is a dark spectre undermining the greatness
of America. Akin to the Alcoholism that afflicted Glenn Beck
for years, it is making this great nation an addict in need of
"Drying Up". This enemy, or "addiction", is "Progressivism".
Yes, living wages have stayed static for 10 years and are on
the decline. Employee benefits have never been lower. Corporate
Executives are making more and paying less taxes now than
ever. Workers' tax dollars have gone to prop up the banking
and investment industry, and Progressivism, an Historical
movement to protect Workers and Citizens from being exploited
by Corporations and Government is to blame; even though they
have lost more than anyone in the past economic collapse.

Glenn Beck, a Radio DJ and Entertainer on
FOXNews(his own words for his vocation), is bewailing the
fate of a Nation he no longer knows. And he sees, like many
Dry Drunks who see everything they disagree with as being
similar to the problem they have overcome, it is drunk on Big
Government, hand-outs and continuing the sinful ways of
"Progressivism". He is drunk with these fermented ideas and
now, as a bizarre Minotaur of Self Help Guru and Televangelist,
preaches that Americans must face the truth, take some(more)
lumps and allow "Free Markets" and "Conservatism" to overcome
the evils of "Progressivism".

Only then can it wake up, "with a headache, tired, and bleary eyed",
to a new day. The United States must become the emotional development
of a recovering drunk. Now, Mr. Beck warns, it "won't be easy", but it
must be done to return to the sober principals of the "Founders":
Austerity for the people and more rewards for Corporate America.
Sobering up is tough folks. Ask any millionaire.

The Founders demand we continue killing Native Americans,
deny women and men without property suffrage, and consider
minorities as subhuman.

It is fitting he's a Mormon. Mormonism posits, explicitly, Native
Americans were cleansed from this continent as punishment for
denying Jesus during his alleged appearance in the Western
Hemisphere. They also have a history of bigotry towards other
minorities. A dry Mormon, like Mr. Beck, can't help espousing
his "cure" in this manner. A twelve step messianism drawn from
from his own battle with the bottle. How conservative.

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Anonymous said...

Well that's a relief, I thought they'd never get this all 'fixed up'.. it's so good to know that someone's on the job and we'll see some improvements in what.. how many centuries are we looking at? Maybe we should cryogenically freeze Glen so he can see the results. VinDickation.