Monday, June 15, 2009

A Series of Trainwrecks with Lady

"For I can see that Nature,
since she's an enemy of repetition...."

-----Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle,
"Conversation On the Plurality of Worlds", The Third Evening.


He talks tough and 
bahs sweeter than a lamb.

Tender yokes are shrugged off,
imaginary ones unendurable.

The defense is
different according to place.

Many worlds,
but only one heart...

She thinks,
as the bird has its cage,
the turtle its aquarium,
the heart
is a plastic plate
with partitions.


Another train passes
through the same

Its mournful whistle
plays an old

The chorus sings,

"In desperation
we haven't the time
to know creation
or see the line.

We want change
more than we see.
We blindly arrange
A glittering liberty.

Only to fashion
shinier fetters
like the Anthelion
fools all as Sun.

False light burns
Without life,
And liars only learn
In strife."


Call when you break again.

The shoulder of song awaits
With sweet tones
and shut eyes.

We won't feel anything
but noting repetition.

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