Thursday, March 13, 2008

Neo-Kantian Mileposts(2008)

Becoming: the consumption of time

Space: the promotion of being

The antinomies of reason are market place choices.

Hegel's logic only moves the bowels.

Synthetic A Priori: Free Markets= Peace and Prosperity

Konigsberg fits on Wall Street. The French Revolution has become
a Bull Market of "Imaginary Thalers".

Rousseau becomes the dog who walks with Immanuel, not
the "Newton of Ethics".

Universal Peace, cf. Free Markets.

David Hume. The unhappy consciousness of the consumer.

the consumption of debt is the aufheben of consumption

but it's a negative dialectic--you end up consuming yourself--

(Marlowe's famous motto--that which nourishes me destroys me")

My first girlfriend's last name was Marlowe.

My last girlfriend's first name, Kit?

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