Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recurrent Folly of Demanding Non-Violent Protest When the State is an Enemy in Class War

Peterloo, 1819.

Bloody Sunday, St. Petersburg, 1905.

1. The arrogance of believing the righteousness of one's cause, and the precious manner in which it is peacefully maintained, will magically overcome enemies who have never been ashamed of using brutality is a suicidal form of megalomania. This Liberal messianism is preached in our schools and media via revisionary praise of "peaceful saints" like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr..

2. The stupidity of thinking protest is not a violent reproach to the power which stands to lose legitimacy.

3. The pride that makes one fail to see protest, by its nature, is violent. "We're refined protesters, civil but disobedient. They wouldn't dare attack us."

4. Supine protest invites massacre. Power loves to make a statement with dead bodies(US Resource Colonialism abroad). The above images(and there are countless more) prove this is a constant.

5. Stressing non-violent protest shows obedience to those who sustain a monopoly on violence.

6. The state and its institutions are an enemy in the class war. They have taken a side and are committed to fighting to the death. Prisons are sprouting up all over the country as police forces have been militarized. The past tells us well armed police, be they state operatives or private contractors hired by the state, will not hesitate to murder non-violent protesters.

7. Remove your peaceful heads from your stinking asses and realize if you really want change, you'll have to do more than obediently occupy parks. Our masters are not troubled by efforts to inconvenience them. They'll allow you to string out this morality play long enough to make it tiresome in its futility.


Anonymous said...

Gandhi and MLK Jr were villainized and labeled ineffective at one time.

Whatever one thinks of protest, starting out violent doesn't allow for growth or support.

Initiating a protest out with little delay before rioting, lends little legitimacy to the protest.. it's difficult enough if the initiating group is anywhere on the fringes.. youth, veterans, poor, environmentalists.. anyone capable of cognitive thinking skills is subject to suspicion by the majority.. even on the same side of the current political polarity divide.

There will be massacre, if not with this phase of protests.. then the next. GDP may not be growing, but poverty and disenfranchisement are multiplying like they have coefficients.

The state and the institutions aren't separate. They are well armed and not well intentioned. The prisons will house many more of us as time goes on.. and no one will even blink. We are conditioned to accept the defeat and round up of the poor and minorities as a bastardized form of birthright.

But.. Sooner or later there will be a tipping point... without one no one finds the will to put life on the line for liberty.

It is as they say.. the beginning of the beginning.

--Faux Fawkes

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. Someone other than me gets it. Great use of historical context too.

I have grown weary of Marin County Revolutionaries (tm) who meekly ask for crumbs from the system's table even as that same system inflicts economic, judicial and legal violence upon them every dingle day.

As Malcolm X said, if you're not prepared to die for it put the woed "freedom" out of yuor vocabulary.