Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Geography Disposed

"Some say that these lands were first known many centuries ago, and that their situation was written down and the exact latitudes noted in which they lay, but their geography and the sea routes by which they were reached were forgotten..."
General and Natural History of the Indies, Captain Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo.

Geography has been digitized into celestial oblivion, a matter of satellite imagery and sensors. The Earth cybernates.

Capital busies itself exhausting colonial expropriation. States honor alliances that better serve the effort to extract resources from weaker nations over the sanctity of borders and sovereignty; unless it's a matter of keeping undesirables away or securing the wealth of an insulated elite.

Geography disposes. Its value is in the exchange of data points to augment market hegemony. Surveillance, Security and GPS targeting by high tech weapons are Geography's Golgotha.

When colonial epochs peak, geography's end pens the epitaph.

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