Monday, July 31, 2006

An Open Field(Firenze 1478)

Black Company sings solemnly
down Via dei Malcontenti,
past the Gates of Justice.

The curses, blot them out.
This calvary cart,
triumphal ignominy.

My blood must quench
Heaven's disfavor.

The City finds me unclean,
lest demons or plague
Unite in my

Bankers and The Eight,
never miserly about blood,
I thank thee.

In kindness was I not
a Macabre Marionette
dangling from the Bargello window?

Lord, my only creditor,
pay my debt.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Heavenly Bloom of Rockets Like Sunflowers/TombLover

typosis en psyche


A friend who wishes to remain anonymous has requested
a unique tomb:

A giant white marble phallus standing erect out of the ground
with two balls behind(globes with flat tops serving as benches) and
a hole atop the Phallus from where a jet of water will eternally spurt
into a pool in the front. It will be an "Eternal Ejaculation" to honor life.

In the future Graveyards will be webpages.


Drain the sea,
wash fire 
from the sky

It burns where
a child weeps
and dies

Sunflowers fall 
from on high

Deadly booms
we imagine blooms
to make play of

Water never runs
Its legs, like 
light, are gone

Only the Rocket's
heavenly bloom
brightens our faces

Mother weeps
in darkness
and silently asks
for the time
of Prophets,

Pure and gold
as Sun's bright

Saturday, July 08, 2006



From the womb all madness comes,
ere it shines like two Suns
burning skin. 

Mystery hounds love into wilds
where raving maids sing death.


Lost limbs
midwife abortion. 

Io Hymenae! 
Bleed madness
into e'ery hymn!

Song severs his head.


Hollow and wan it floats past
       on clouded water.