Saturday, April 28, 2018

City Limits

limitless light, billboards, warehouses line highways. skyline's beacons rise like sentinels. its nimbus stretches overground up skies. suburban coquettes, organelles of the city...Jena logic diffusion...thesis of a thousand neverending syntheses. this progression allows no antithesis, no negation

passing all limit in parole as bright towers prop heaven

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Woolf, Women and War

"How else can we explain that amazing outburst in August 1914, when the daughters of educated  men...rushed into hospitals, some still attended by their maids, drove lorries, worked in fields and munition factories, and used all their immense stores of charm, of sympathy, to persuade young men that to fight was heroic, and that the wounded in battle deserved all her care and all her praise? The reason lies in that same education[for marriage]. So profound was her unconscious loathing for the education of the private house with its cruelty, its poverty, its hypocrisy, its immorality, its inanity that she would undertake any task however menial, exercise any fascination however fatal that enabled her to escape. Thus consciously she desired 'our splendid Empire'; unconsciously she desired our splendid war."

                          Virginia Woolf, Three Guineas.

Friday, November 03, 2017


Sunlight forges
white gold:
                          all colors imbued,
                              save green,
                              with lust.

Green grows bold
ripe blades cut
by forged blade
to ripen.

Green is life outlasting
pale bones broken by root.
Green is death escaping
leaves shed for greener shoots.

Green devours light’s
    tireless night.