Monday, May 01, 2017

Fascism and Terror


    "There is a widely held opinion that the fascist terror was just an ephemeral episode in modern history, now happily behind us. That opinion I cannot share. I believe that it is deeply rooted in the trends of modern civilization, and especially in the pattern of modern economy.
   "Indeed the reluctance to face squarely and explore fully the phenomena of terror and their implications is itself a lingering phenomena of the terror."

                        ----"Terror's Atomization of Man", Leo Lowenthal

    "Unless you are prepared to be pitiless, you will get nowhere...Domination is never founded on humanity, but, regarded from the narrow civilian angle, on crime. Terrorism is absolutely indispensable in every case of the founding of power...Even more important than terrorism is the systematic modification of the ideas and feelings of the masses. We have to control those."

                       ---- Adolf Hitler in recorded meeting w/ Hermann Rauschning, quote from same work


Wednesday, April 26, 2017



     Lips brushing your warm neck,
       Nostrils flare to flame kindled
        by breath of pores

  Sacred murder of
       Flowers and Hell-fire
   forge mystic desire

Pungent Baubo
  sways limbs.
 We lie left
    of golden apples.

Scent swathes dream.

Senses capitulate
to vertiginous sensation.

It never leaves----
Ever remembering when
       breath deepens.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


faces in dark clouds
   cover the sun

streets bloom black from dull grey

sharp wind has lungs
     rattling cages

alert and lively,
  the first rumbles
crack like
  God's jaw


                                                    we seek cover
                                                      from flashes
                                                  of heavenly strife.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Body's recollection
    kneads mind.

Fruitless speculation
    molts dusk.

Open eyes owl
 sprung from bowels...
 the baser pole
  sputters wisdom.

These fouled sheets,
  an epoch's labor...

Bodiless trace,
ah nurse! comfort me!
  That hoary face...
Hollow eyes above me---
     resolute, pure

  so vaguely sensed
in youth's
searing summer.

Words ran
  with and in me---

Time wasted stumbling
     after absolutes.
Friedrich, Christiane...
    relief, relief.

Nanette, a kiss
   before breath's
Corybantic play

     Difference pales.

Ashen twilight obscures
          her form
       endless dusk.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Bubble


     INRI on the calyx of
   our cumbrous garlands,

     if we could skip
       and gush:

                    "Smiles bloom for
                      mirth gathering
                         les abeilles..."
      (light tongues hum a floating cadence)

Breach in the plank
    you prettily
  Phoebe's beam

         We laugh
       at the bonds
        of restraint

 And wonder below the raiment
         of stolen heavens.