Saturday, November 19, 2011

Classical Shout Out Friday: Catiline, Enemy of Oligarchs

"Our struggle is for fatherland, for freedom, for life; theirs is a superfluous fight, for the power of a few."
Sallust, Catiline's War.

Even Sallust, a stupendously rich Oligarch, after pages of describing Catiline as a Monstrous Beast displaying every vice at superhuman levels, didn't blush to pen fine sentiment in Catiline's voice.

Cicero once offered to defend Catiline before he, as a Consul, condemned Catiline as a grave threat to the Republic.

Catiline was the worst ingrate to them. Born into Aristocracy, he was a member of the Senatorial Class. He turned against the tyranny of his own. He had to be destroyed.

Over a decade later Caesar took the mantle, with the backing of his Legions, and subjected the Senate to the Imperator's Fasces.

Oligarchs prefer controlled demolition, even Civil Wars between Oligarchs, to sincere rebellion. Better to refine Tyranny than threaten it.

Best sources: Cicero, Sallust---Despite their polemical bent, grains of truth slip through.

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