Friday, December 03, 2010

Surreal Estate Bubble: Privatized Surveillance and Secrecy Boom

In the previous post on Wikileaks we noted the offense taken by
the Government and Journalists for the intrusion upon Government's
privilege of secrecy at all levels. Set this against the explosion of
surveillance and intrusive security firms making a mint, all of
the revenue subsidized by taxpayers, off violating the civil liberties
of Americans and citizens of other nations.

The Private Realm at present is a Surreal Estate where, according
to the Government and its Media Handmaidens, only the state has
property rights. Americans need to rouse themselves from the
stupor borne of fear and idolatry towards an Authoritarian
Security state.

Wikileaks serves as a challenge to all states, and their elites,
creating and holding dominion over this Surreal Estate. Greater
access to information is a step towards crashing their Surreal
Estate Market and recapturing the Real Estate of our civil liberties.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

..we can deny and ignore at will, but capitulation will forever be our only legacy..

Viva la RĂ©sistance!

... for so long as there is Tyranny, may there be those who would rise above no matter the sacrifice..

--Old Major