Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!(Shitting on Shopping Frenzies with Love)

"The lucky day dawns. Voice and heart should show respect;
You must now speak good words on this good day.
Listen to no lawsuits, clear the air of frenzied
Strife; suspend your labors, jaundiced mob."

--- Ovid, Fasti, I "Kalends Fastus", lns. 71-74.

Think of those less fortunate and think how easily it could be you in
their place. Love them as you'd desire the same. Civility is strength.
It starts with the simple realization that others are not so different.

Have a wonderful holidays! Procuring gifts for others overlooks the greater
gift we can all give by striving, through words and deeds, to inspire all to be
conscious of increasing injustice and inequality. Perhaps that consciousness
can spur action ending our sad retreat. Now is the season when manically
marketed consumerist dreams should be shed in favor of a higher calling to
redress that shameful regression.

We are all in this together. Division is a shortsighted illusion.

Smile and cheerfully engage in the sweetest labor: serving others.
(It's not a cookbook!)

Uh-uh KMA, no cakes. It'd be cruel of me to punish palates.


Beysshoes said...

You realize that you sound like some jetport bottle of maple syrup gone rancid yes? WTF did you do with David? ... you imposter! I'd say "Happy New Year" but it seems you're already there.

Anonymous said...

And a Happy Holidays to you too!

A Smile, David

Anonymous said...

Well any old reason to get out of baking will do for you. You do know that baking the pie or cake or croissant is merely a gesture of the very goodwill you so wish to inspire. And it is not just for anyone. You're correct in assuming it would be a wasteful endeavor to feed the masses or even a passing stranger.

You know who it is for and you know how it would be recieved.

Anyway, I am sure you'll see the grandness of such a gesture some day.

I'm not so sure that dismissing the value of consumer dollars is really the way to procure change. Not when the change you seek is mandated by profit. I think the only way to assure change is to withold and/or reallocate the means. But at this point it requires a massive undertaking and a cohesion by a collective that stamples on the weaker members during black friday sale events.