Friday, May 25, 2007

Pet Thoughts

"Mental furniture gathers the most dust."

---Me, Tonight.

1. Laughter solicits our insides. The solicitation makes us regular.

2. I honestly believe Don Quixote is the best critique of Descartes'
"Cogito ergo sum".
3. Hoffman's novella, "Mademoiselle de Scudery", is an apology
for Jean Jacques Rousseau's influence on the French Revolution.
4. Every star is a Celestial Womb.
5. Science ends where Religion begins. (a joke?)
6. Consciousness has overtaken every stance on Ontology. There it fails.
7. Day and Night are an aspect of the mind/body problem.
8. Each word is placed with the rigor of a picky woman arranging the
furniture in her new living room for the fourth time. Le mot/ just.
9. The Quotidian messianism of modern politics begs the anger and
nominal disagreement that runs too deep for the shallowness. Not
one person is ever satisfied with the political realm. It is built to
displease. Hence its perennial appeal.
10. The Brain is a parasite with a stem(Spine) and tendrils(Nervous System)
that has found a host. So, please, do not talk to me about spirit or soul.

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Beysshoes said...


The brain belongs to the soul. Not the other way around. The soul is not an entity; it's the whole. Sarai