Friday, January 02, 2015

The Future of Europe(US-NATO Backed Neo-Nazis March in Kiev, Ukraine)

Banner with Bandera(Nazi Collaborator) portrait leads march of torchlight.

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World Innovation Foundation Blog said...

In November 2014 a UN resolution was put forward to ban Nazism around the world. Unbelievably the USA and Canada supported by the Ukraine voted for the continuation of this dire ideology against humanity and the propagation of Nazism. Don't believe me, visit the following two web-links


Therefore how can the world stamp out this vile thinking if the president of the united states and the prime minister of Canada are still supporting such inhuman thinking?

The UK although outwardly portraying an image against anti-Semitism, abstained from the UN vote like Germany, together with most of the other western nations. The reason was through leaked media sources because they did not want to upset Obama. Therefore there appears to be something really sinister going on when Nazism in all its guises is not condemned?

The other frightening thing about this terrible situation is that NO media in the 'West' has mentioned this very important issue for future humanity. Has Obama et al therefore silenced Western media it has to be asked as if Russia had sided on the side of Nazism, it would have been on the front pages of all mainstream western media outlets? Is it because it was Russia that put forward the UN Declaration to condemn Nazism do you think?