Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Beau Lit

"We begin to escape loneliness."

---- Bipedal Isotopes, D. A. Pantikratorius.

It all begins with D--
fat, voluptual,
Belly hanging over
the void

Before seed and fire,
the rest spreads
into a farness
which births
Out of breath
Stars at my fingertips.....

My thoughts cannot keep pace
With the restlessness of space

Sheets cover me
with a measure of
inky night
on beds of white

The wake of the spoken
leaves me so lonesome

Why do I run from silence's

It all ends with D---
fat, voluptual,
Belly hanging over
the next line........


Beysshoes said...

I truly am lost on this one. "It all ends with D---fat, voluptual,
Belly hanging over"

Is this an autobiographical poem? I'm so sorry you're this phat. Please don't despair, Vanda found some free diet pills. I'll look up the link for you bonbon. xox PS Oh are you talking about molly here?

Anonymous said...

This work, as the quote above it hints, is about the loneliness at every beginning. This is especially true with the craft of writing.


Heinrich Teufelsdrockh